What it Means to be a Pisces

In the Western zodiac, if you were born between the dates of February 20 and March 20, then you are considered to fall under the sign of Pisces. There are many wonderful personality traits that you may have noticed about yourself if you are a Pisces. You are very imaginative and creative, so you either have a career or a hobby that revolves around using your creative skills. You are very sensitive to feelings, which also makes you intuitive. You are seen as somewhat of a psychic because you can feel the subtle changes in energies around you. You use these feelings to figure out how people are feeling and what is going on with them. You are compassionate and selfless. You will give whatever you have in order to help out someone else. You are extremely kind, so you make friends with others rather easily. You do not like any kind of confrontation, and if one does arise, you tend to disappear. This escapist attitude does not necessarily work in your favor, but that is just the way that you are. You are very good at keeping secrets, and people can tell this about you. This is why you find that there are a lot of people who confide in you. One aspect of your personality that you should watch out for is the fact that you can be weak willed. This means that you allow others to talk you into doing things that you would not necessarily do. You enjoy all kinds of mysteries, whether it is in the form of novels or pondering the great mysteries of the universe. One activity that you enjoy doing is spending time dreaming or in meditation. You like to have quiet time to yourself just to dream, and you can become rather unhappy if your schedule does not allow for this.